How to apply

Interested in joining the Laurier team? Here’s how to apply!

If you are a current Laurier employee, you may apply for internal job postings using the internal Careers portal.

There are two steps to applying for a position:

1) Creating your Candidate Profile
2) Completing a Job Application


Your Candidate Profile

The Candidate Profile allows you to share information about your candidacy with Human Resources. Once you complete a Candidate Profile you will always use that same profile to apply to various positions. Through your Profile, you can also set up Job Alerts to notify you when new positions come available and track the progress of your application.

  • Please do not create more than one Candidate Profile. If you cannot remember your password you can select “Forgot your password?” from the Profile sign in page to request it.
  • Do not use your current work email to create the Candidate Profile. If you leave that job you will not be able to retrieve a forgotten password and will lose access to your Profile.
  • You can change your contact email address for notifications at any time - changing your notification email does NOT change your login email (your login email will never change).
  • Create your Candidate Profile using your legal name as it appears on your identification. There is a field to provide your preferred first name.
  • Upload your resume BEFORE you make changes to the employment history in your Profile. This will make the process quicker and eliminate additional typing. Be sure to check all fields on your Profile to ensure the system pulled data from your resume correctly.
  • Current Laurier employees: If you are looking to apply to an internal job posting please use the internal Careers portal. When applying to an external job posting please create an external Candidate Profile to submit an application.


Your Job Application

If interested in applying for a position, a separate application is created for each position using the same Candidate Profile to start the application.

To apply for a specific job:

  • Click the “Apply Now” button on the specific job posting page.
  • Sign into your Profile. If you have not created a Profile yet you can do so now.
  • Once signed in, upload a specific resume and cover letter to the job application in the “My Documents” section.
  • Any additional documents requested in the job posting can be attached in the “Additional Documents” section within the “My Documents” tab.
  • Ensure that your information is correct in all of the application sections.
  • Complete the “Job-specific Information” section of your application.
  • You can SAVE your application and return to complete it later, but remember to SUBMIT it once you are done.
  • You can sign into your Profile at any time to see the progress of your application in the “Jobs Applied” section.

The Laurier recruiting team is available to help answer general questions about employment. We strive to make our application process accessible however if you require any assistance applying for a position or would like a job posting in an alternate format, please contact Human Resources.